How Austin Hayes rewards its long term employees

Austin Hayes long term service award

As a family-orientated employer, we recognise the importance of a healthy work-life balance. That’s why one of the key aspects of our long service award scheme includes additional paid holidays – allowing our employees to enjoy more time with their loved ones the longer they stay with Austin Hayes.

The initiative begins after an employee has reached two years of continual service (measured from the first of January each year). These employees will receive an additional two days of paid holiday per year. Following that – once a total of five years continual service has been achieved – an extra full week of paid holiday is added to their contracted 5.6 weeks annual leave.

Rewarding loyalty

As you’d expect, the longer an employee stays at Austin Hayes, the larger the reward. Every five years an employee accrues (after their initial five years of service) are classed as “golden years” – for which an extra week of paid annual leave is added onto their existing holiday entitlement. Ultimately, these dedicated employees – depending on their position in the scheme – can enjoy up to 38 days leave each year (including bank holidays).

Currently, we have three, valued members of staff that are celebrating golden years at the company: Nick Eagleton and Anthony Preston, both with ten years of service under their belts, and Saad Hamed, who has been with us for an impressive fifteen years.

Anthony has felt the immediate benefits of Austin Hayes’ long service award scheme. “It couldn’t of happened at a better time for me. With the arrival of a new born baby just before Christmas, these additional holidays are going to allow me to spend more quality time with my young family”.

Austin Hayes golden year awards
Anthony Preston, Saad Hamed and Nick Eagleton.

Austin Hayes is also pleased to announce that we have four additional members off staff that will soon reach five years of service – Paul Turner, Rajkumar Khemraj, John Hunte and Tomas Tatar – and three employees that have completed two years of service. They are Jozef Tokar, Steven Timmins and Adrian Seage.

“Austin Hayes is very much a family-orientated business. We understand the employee welfare benefits of our team getting to share quality time away from work with their families,” explains Nick Eagleton, Austin Hayes’ General Manager. “We see our long service award scheme as a win-win solution, enabling us to truly reward time served employees, while ensuring our team remains fresh for the challenges in front of us.”

Investing in our staff

The success of our company has been the result of the commitment and strong performance of our entire team. Their happiness comes first, and we’re proud to say that 75% of employees at Austin Hayes currently benefit from our long service award scheme.

We’d like to thank each of these employees for their hard work and dedication to Austin Hayes.